Space Career Center Canada - Toronto

Space Career Centre Toronto Chapter is aimed at connecting the plethora of companies, organisations, clubs, startups and talent into one accessible hub.

Canada has had a long history of being involved and a leader in space but fell behind in terms of bridging those seeking local career opportuinties in the space sector with those that have the resources to create those ventures.

As Toronto is Canadas greatest and most populous city, it is fitting to birth the first chapter of space career center here where we can connect like minded individuals with higher probability and nurture the present space community.

The ultimate goal is not to create a new organisation or company but simply provide that space career hub which can provide information, paths and access to what has already been established.

There are innovative companies, passionate volunteer run organisations, intelligent and energetic student clubs scattered all across Canada. Bringing them together will be like connecting constellations; one star gives an idea of what’s out there but the group of stars organised into one place provides a clear direction.

Toronto chapter will host webinars, meetups, space cafes, podcasts and events to promote the discussion on space in Canada and further build this network for the platform.

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