Candidates are not just searching for a job, they are searching for the best fit.

They look for companies that align with their ideals, dreams, and goals.

We facilitate opportunities to connect.

The Space Company Directory

Where great talent connects with amazing companies

Facilitated by the Space Career and Leadership Center


We are doing this through creating a profile that showcases your brand and what you can offer to prospective employees.

Get your company noticed for what you are.

Which is much more than a job title and description.

How we do it

We work with you to capture your most important information for future hires. Get started with your profile to start. 

Your profile will go live for premium exposure on our platform. Our deep talent pool will now start interacting with you!

We have a yearly subscription, and can work with you along the way as your company grows.

The Space Company Directory

Taking you a step further

Through our unique platform, we are merging interesting companies and interested candidates. Providing companies a opportunity to highlight their processes, build brand awareness, and promote who they are looking for. Candidates are able to choose what excites them. You can now connect in a more intentional way.

To get more information and to get started, please follow the link here to connect. We are excited to speak with you!

To get to where you want to go,

you need the right people.

Are you looking for a space job or internship?

Space Career and Leadership Center is made for you! We understand how difficult it is to find space companies with openings and to reach the HR people. At Space Job Fair you can talk directly to them, and they will give you their best tips for your application.