Space Career Advancement Lab

Get a jump start on your career and job search with hands-on, personalized help. Career Advancement Labs are your one-stop shop to get to work!

Manage your Space Career

These weekly open door sessions are for you!

We bring together professionals, advisers, and great recruiters to share their best tips and tricks providing you a head-start for a successful career in Space.

Space Career Advisers share basics

Resumes, cover letter, information, networking. 

Recruiters share their special tips to advance your career

Do’s and don’ts, how to approach recruiters, what they are looking for in applications.

Professionals share their story and journey.

How did they get their job, what are their learnings, what was missing, which skills are needed.

Free Workshops

Space Career and Leadership Center offers all basic knowledge group workshops for free! This include resume writing, interview trainings, targeted cover letters, goal setting and progress tracking basics, and much more.

Premium Workshops

Additional, our team offers great one-on-one workshops and individual career advise sessions. They are excellent to prepare for upcoming interviews, personal development, goal management, and long-term career questions.  

Signup for the weekly Space Career Advancement Lab

The weekly online call takes place typically every Tuesday EST 11:30am-12:30pm. Please note that places are strictly limited. Please register early to guarantee your seat. After your signup you will receive an email with instructions to select a seat.