Space Job Application Strategy & Best Practices


Join us for a free webinar and hear about the strategies and best practices to get better results job hunting. You will hear how to craft great resumes, targeted cover letters, and how to put everything together. We’ll also dig into networking strategies and talk about individual career development options. Special guest answer questions and tell us their best practice in some of the events.

Webinar Details

Join us for a live online webinar and workshop to learn about job applications, networking, and resume creation. 

Date: Every Wednesday

Time: 12pm EST / 4pm UTC / 6pm CET

Moderated and Hosted by: Berny 

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Webinar - Space Job Application Strategy & Best Practices

Main Host

Berny (🇩🇪/🇺🇸)

Berny is business adviser and leadership coach traveling between the US and Germany. His mission is to help with the creation of 10 million jobs for the space industry within the next 10 years. He is founder and lead career adviser at Space Career and Leadership Center and Managing Partner at Astromerge, a boutique space access advisory based in Ohio USA. Prior working in the space area, he was leading international growth and digital transformation projects. He holds an advanced  Diploma in Computer Science and is alumni of International Space University’s Space Studies Program. He is volunteering as mentor and startup coach with various organisations and supports students, graduates, entrepreneurs and companies with his experience of 20+ years.

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