December, 2022

The Space Jobs List

Watch the 1 min introduction video and hear from me how the space jobs list gives you a fast track to a job in space.

The space industry is rapidly growing. Up-and coming countries like Sweden, Czech Republic, Chile are actively supporting academia and industry to develop space technology or use it in space applications. With the growing demand for workforce, the space industry needs to become better in attracting and retaining talent. We organize space job fairs and career trainings since 2015 and have seen issues on both sides: talent and companies. The Space Jobs List is here to solve some of them:


  1. Many (great) companies and their openings are simply not known to candidates.
  2. Intransparent legal and work-visa related requirements.
  3. Application process is typically long, and matching candidates especially for smaller companies is complicated.







Solution: Space Jobs List

The Space Jobs List is the result of years of experience and an open ear to the real problems of the industry. We work tirelessly to find the best projects and jobs, talk to the hiring managers and provide one-click job applications.

The challenges are addressed by:

  1. Give startups and SME  priority
  2. All jobs have detailed information on the legal requirements
  3. Fast-track, one-click applications for pre-qualified candidates(*).


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* The use of the one-click fast track applications is for pre-qualified candidates. Regular price for pre-qualification is $45. Limited beta-test accounts available for $10. Separate membership at Space Career and Leadership Center with additional fees apply.