The Space Jobs Guy

Berny Weiss

As Leadership Coach and Strategy Adviser my passion and focus is on promoting and developing career opportunities and entrepreneurship in NewSpace.

Berny is building bridges between top talent and space ecosystems worldwide. He is actively engaged in connecting space and tech communities in the Balkans, Central Europe, and South America.

Looking to the stars in a clear night still gives me shivers. Being a part of the space community is like a dream come true. My work and the Space Career and Leadership Center will help many to launch a startup or career in space.

Everything, for a future in Space!

Hi, my name is Berny and I'm the Space Jobs Guy! With more than 20 years professional experience in coaching and training, I guide individuals to realize their full potential. I'm so excited to talk to you and hear your story. Let's work together, and go to the stars!

Everything, for a future in Space! (TM)

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Bernd "Berny" Weiss

Execution Coach and and Adviser. Founder of Space Career and Leadership Center.

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